Started in 2009 by Jocelyn Willis, God Squad was just 5 high school kids who believed in taking the message of Jesus to the streets through dance. We started performing at local church events, high school rallies and just about anywhere we could share our message.

As we’ve grown by God’s grace, we have been able to minister through dance in Mexico, Africa, at Youth Conventions, at Project Dance San Francisco, Oklahoma and Costa Rica; as well as continuing to reach out to our local community in churches, parks, youth groups, and schools..and it has always been about more than just dancing.

God Squad’s desire is to train disciples, just as Jesus did. We want to raise up dancers with hearts for the lost so that they may live in a way that speaks the message of salvation to their peers. Our dancers meet weekly to rehearse and to be trained & equipped as we grow together toward God.

Our ministry has grown and naturally transformed, developing two dance crews. The first is our ministry team, New Crew , composed of dancers that are mature in their faith (typically at least highschool aged), able to share their testimony and pray for others. The second is God Squad Juniors , a younger group (youngest is 11yrs) that is training and learning about Jesus.

As we have grown, we remain focused on our mission of using the gifts God has given us to share His love.

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God Squad Juniors formed when many younger, mostly middle school-aged dancers, wanted to join God Squad. These dancers have passion and energy but lack the maturity and knowledge needed to share who Jesus is with others. When kids join God Squad, they begin to be discipled; learning the fundamentals of Christianity in hopes they will choose to take ownership of their faith.

The Junior group performs dances locally, alongside New Crew.

New Crew is God Squad’s ministry team; mature in their faith and understanding of who Jesus is, therefore, able to share these through dance and testimony. Members of New Crew have learned, agreed with, and chose to follow Jesus’ teachings. They are also ready, or mature enough, to share their faith with others.

This new name filled two needs in our ministry:

1. Defining and acknowledging the Ministry team as something to be attained; while we are being continually transformed by God, once we know and accept what Jesus did for us, we are made new.

2. Giving our ministry an alias to enter into places where the word “god” is not accepted.